We know you want to keep your kid’s smile healthy all year long! That’s why starting off the new year right is important. Here are our top tips to help make sure that your child’s smile stays healthy and strong.

Why Caring for Baby Teeth is Important

Baby teeth may seem tiny, but they are important, too! Taking good care of your child’s baby teeth is important because it can impact the health of their adult teeth in the future. When baby teeth are healthy, they work as placeholders to help ensure that your child’s adult teeth come in healthy and in alignment so that your child can have a healthy, strong, and properly aligned smile for life.

Starting off the new year right with caring for your child’s dental health can look a lot of different ways depending on your child’s age and capabilities. Read on for our favorite ways.

Kids Dental Care Tools

Caring for your child’s dental health is similar to caring for your smile, but regular dental care tools typically aren’t the right fit for your child’s small teeth and tender gums. So, make sure to get child-specific tools such as a toothbrush sized for their age category, toothpaste with kid-friendly flavors, and easy-to-use floss picks.

Some dental care apps also have fun games designed with kids in mind to help them learn how to keep their smile healthy and encourage them as they form healthy habits.

Having the right tools can help to transform dental care from a chore into a fun time they’ll look forward to each day!

Taking Your Kid to the Dentist

Another important step towards starting off the new year right with your child’s dental care is to make sure to schedule their routine dental visits! Visiting the dentist is a new experience and it can make a lot of kids nervous, so make sure to find a dentist that works to make the experience a comfortable and fun one for your child. Pediatric dentists specialize in this!

Having positive experiences early can make a big difference in helping your child feel comfortable and enthusiastic about visiting the dentist and taking good care of their smile throughout their lives!

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